Lewyt St Plumbing and Heating Contractors are licensed; family owned and operated company who has serviced the community for more than years. We offer the best rates to our customers as well as offer a 24-hour, 7-day a week service schedule for all emergency services. All our trucks are radio dispatched to provide the quickest service and response time possible. From Heating Air Conditioning Installations to Sewer Jetting we can service your every need with our fast 60 minute service time. Our reputation for fast and reliable service was earned by our hard work and dedication.



Our professional plumbers are highly skilled in installing all plumbing appliances so when it comes to toilet installation you can rely on us to have you toilet installed with minimal disruption.  No matter what choice of toilet you choose our trained staff can give you free estimates and quotes and have a plumber with you when it suits you best.

First, remove the old toilet, but before you begin turn off and disconnect the water supply, then flush the old toilet. To remove any remaining water uses a sponge in the toilet tank and bowl. To remove the old tank, loosen the T-bolts that secure the bowl to the floor. Rest the new toilet bowl on a padded surface next to the installation site. Attach the new wax seal to the bottom of the toilet bowl. Align the toilet bowl outlet with the flange, apply weight and press down on the bowl to set the wax seal.